Joyful, personal connection.

Handwritten by you. Hand folded by us.

Home Pigeon
Home Pigeon

Real, personal connection.
Nothing digital compares.

Gorgeous illustrations and clever origami combined to create a hand-written letter that really connects.

Inspired by origami, Pigeon, is a beautifully crafted combination of letter and envelope. A more satisfying alternative to the always-on, instant-gratification tools we all use to communicate with each other every day. Because even with all our hi-tech wizardry, nobody has managed to recreate the magic and joy of the hand-written letter.

So we redesigned it for the 21st century. Welcome to Pigeon.

Home Pigeon
Home Pigeon
Home Pigeon

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Simple and profound connection

Pigeons hark back to a time when the world was slower and kinder. When we waited for news from our friends to drop through our letterboxes, instead of it being thrust upon us from the moment we open our eyelids. It’s a bit like Tweeting, but with a pen. And if you want to be proper old-school, they even fit a Polaroid photo. No privacy or data storage issues. No pressure to stay on top of your feed. (Leave feeding the Pigeons to us.) Just simple and profound connection – between you and your friends, one at a time.

Pigeon Feed: From the blog

Pigeon has won an award!

Pigeon has won it’s first ever award. We are now a proud recipent of a US Louie Award for Paper Engineering & Innovation…


Healing balm for the soul

I think we can all agree that over the last few years we have all lived through some pretty tumultuous times…


New designs coming soon.

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