Dawn Chorus Pigeons


Confession time. The Pigeon Loft is not exactly overrun by Morning People. It can take a cup of tea (or two) for us to feel at our friendliest. But who can object to the sound of birdsong? Our Dawn Chorus Pigeons celebrate the enthusiasm of those feathered friends who serenade us at an ever earlier hour. Blackbirds, goldfinches, and blue tits… we salute you!

6 Pigeons per pack – each one a different design.

About the illustrator

Chris Andrews is an illustrator and printmaker based in Bedfordshire, UK. His work combines striking compositions with strong use of colour and texture, resulting in images that have a vintage, nostalgic appeal. Clients include Ted Baker, Farrow and Ball, and the British Library. Chris is also known for his vintage-inspired British bird and animal screen prints which recall the graphics and fonts found in 1940’s educational books. He has exhibited and sold prints both in the UK and internationally.

New designs coming soon.

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