Pigeon has won an award!

23 April 2024

Last year I entered an award in the US organised by the US Greeting Card Association (GCA). I must admit I hadn’t heard of it before, but it looked right up my street, so I took a punt and entered.

Fast forward to January this year, when I discovered Pigeon was a finalist! In the very aptly-named category of Paper Engineering & Innovation.

I then found out that the awards ceremony (where the winners would be announced) was in San Francisco. And I just happen to have a cousin living in San Francisco… You can see where this is going!

So last week I took the 10-hour flight to California and slipped in at the back of the Louie Awards ceremony. As the evening progressed, I decided I better start filming in case Pigeon came up soon. So I got my phone ready and pressed ‘record’. Then my category came round, and I heard the words ‘and the winner is…’. As soon as they started saying ‘Pigeon’, I immediately stopped recording, as I was so flustered!

I couldn’t quite believe it! Pigeon had won!

Pigeon has won an award! Pigeon
Pigeon has won an award! Pigeon
Pigeon has won an award! Pigeon

As an engineer who loves origami and inventing, and who has worked with paper for 25 years, I really couldn’t be happier to be the holder of an award for Paper Engineering & Innovation.

Next month, I will find out if Pigeon has won another award… Watch this space!

John Morse-Brown
April 2024

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