Apothecary Pigeons


Fern, honesty, witch hazel… these medicinal marvels have been picked in the artist’s back garden, bathed in the warm glow of gentle sunlight, and captured in print as deep blue cyanotypes. A creative collaboration with UK artist Jake Lever – we’re delighted with these botanical beauties – healing balm for the soul. Send one to show how much you care.

6 Pigeons per pack – 3 pairs of 3 different designs.

About the illustrator

Jake Lever is a Birmingham-based artist who exhibits his work nationally in sacred spaces, alongside galleries and museums. He is interested in the power of visual art to draw us into an encounter with the sacred. Researching universal archetypes such as the hand, the tree, and the boat, his studio practice incorporates traditional craft processes such as gilding, alongside experimental drawing, printmaking, and early photographic techniques. He is also an experienced art educator and is currently a part-time Assistant Professor at Warwick University. www.leverarts.org

New designs coming soon.

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