Safe Harbour Pigeon


Inspired by the coastal coves and hidden harbours of Cornwall, these stunning Safe Harbour Pigeons are the perfect way to share news, bring cheer, and perhaps create some calm and anchoring moments for a friend or loved one, across land or sea.

6 Pigeons per pack – all different.

About the illustrator

Illustrator John Bloor has had a lifelong love affair with the coast, especially the Cornish coasts of the UK. He has long been inspired by places that are special to him, places off the beaten track, or those that give the feeling of having discovered somewhere completely secret.

As someone with Aspergers, he has found that the many processes involved in the art of printmaking bring a lot of calm into his life. Working with Pigeon to create the Safe Harbour range, he hopes that that sense of calm can be shared more widely.

New designs coming soon.

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