Fiesta galambok


It’s party time! Everyone needs to let their hair down from time to time, and never more so than in these difficult times. Why not cheer up your friends by sending them a little burst of festivity? Our Fiesta range of Pigeons conjure music and dancing, street-parties and laughter. All-round merry-making. A dollop of delight delivered direct to the door.

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Az illusztrátorról

Louise Lockhart is a freelance illustrator living in an old converted cotton mill in Yorkshire. She spends her days creating designs from little paper cutouts and line drawings, taking inspiration from everyday life around her. She collects vintage printed ephemera and loves the work of mid-century printmakers. Her bold colour palette, used with a variety of print techniques, makes her work instantly recognisable, and her designs are appealing to children and adults alike. She has worked on many picture books and also applies her illustrations to products, which she sells in her online shop The Printed Peanut.

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