Moonlight Pigeons


Inspired by the night skies of winter landscapes, our Moonlight Pigeon range unashamedly embraces all things Scandi. We hope you love their serene simplicity as much as we do. Light a candle, burrow under a cosy blanket and pen a few words to someone you hold dear on one of these perfectly patterned Pigeons.

6 Pigeons per pack – each one a different design.

About the illustrator

Marketa Stengl is an illustrator and surface designer living in Zurich who creates dreamy and calm designs with a touch of magic. She loves Japanese art and crafts and the night sky – her inspiration comes from hiking through the forest, observing the power of nature and the life-cycle of plants. Her designs can be found mainly on fabric as well as on a growing range of home decor and paper products. Having been passionate about writing and receiving letters as a schoolgirl, she is delighted to be one of the Pigeon illustrators.

New designs coming soon.

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